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Check out all of our rides and games using the dropdown menus.  You’ll agree that given our small size, we offer a WHOLE LOT of fun!



Paratrooper shadowOf our twenty rides at Funland, we have something to excite the whole family.  They range from our classic rides, like the carousel, to more modern adventures aboard the Superflip360 or Freefall.  Fourteen of our rides are geared towards the younger crowd; the other six are our major rides.  Our five original rides have been at Funland since we took over in ’62, meaning that multiple generations can experience the same ride!



Derby horsesOur seventeen midway games are designed for kids and adults alike.  From fishing in the Duck Pond (and winning every time), to showboating your Skeeball skills, we have something for everyone.  Is there a prouder moment than when you can walk down the boardwalk with a giant alligator around your neck?



We also offer one of the best arcade/redemption machine selections on the boardwalk.  Our unique mix of machines will ensure there is something for everyone here too.  You can win prizes and tickets on our machines.  The tickets can be redeemed for prizes at our redemption center.  We’ve thought about introducing receipt printing arcade machines, but where is the fun in that?  Part of the old-fashioned fun at Funland is seeing that huge stream of tickets emerge after a lucky streak!


rider safety

It is our goal that every guest enjoys their time at Funland. Before visiting the park, we encourage guests to review the Rider Safety Guide to understand the policies and procedures available.

Rider Safety Guide



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Funland Opens for the Season on May 9th @ 1pm.
Opening Day for the Haunted Mansion is Saturday, May 16th @ 5pm.

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Funland App now available
The Funland App is here! Entertain kids young and old with four mini games inspired by the sights and sounds of Funland.