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Funland App now availableThe new Funland App is now available on both Apple iOS and Android devices.  It is a collection of mini-games themed around the rides, attractions and history of Funland, Rehoboth Beach, DE. There is a link in the app to the Funland website where you can find all the information about the rides and attractions, latest weather, social media news and ticket and price information.

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There are four games to enjoy:



The classic but played with some memorable Funland characters of old. Each player takes a turn and the winner is whoever can make three in a row in any direction. Don’t let them trap you!

Boardwalk Dash

Our take on the classic ‘Frogger’ game – your goal is to get your three turtles from the beach, across the boardwalk to the entrance doors at Funland. Make sure you avoid all those moving obstacles though! There are three levels of difficulty to test you even further.

Memory Match

Simply match the pairs of images under the cards as quickly as you can. See if you can spot some familiar Funland images.

Sliding Puzzle

A random collection of images in and around Funland, scrambled into 8 pieces for you to solve.

Please note the top left (first) square should be empty when the game is complete.



Tic-tac-toe and sliding puzzle

Original source code purchased from RoamingGamer

Boardwalk Dash

Based on a Frogger-style tutorial from tuts+.

Memory Match

Based on a memory match tutorial from tuts+.

The app was built by Zetland Design Ltd(who also build and support this website).


weather for funland

opening times

Funland Opens for the Season on May 9th @ 1pm.
Opening Day for the Haunted Mansion is Saturday, May 16th @ 5pm.

the funland app

Funland App now available
The Funland App is here! Entertain kids young and old with four mini games inspired by the sights and sounds of Funland.